Print Preparation – Editing

I took this beautiful picture of the Temple as part of my Landscape Photography Project. I loved how it turned out with the temple against the beautiful sunset in the sky. It is a little dark, though, and the sky is overexposed. So to edit, I did a number of things to make it a… Continue reading Print Preparation – Editing


Contest Entries

I entered these two photos into the Tamron Student Showcase contest (found through The theme was just "Spring", so I chose two of my recent photos that seemed to say "spring" to me. I brightened my photos up a little bit, then submitted them through the contest's website. I submitted them on March 1st, 2019.… Continue reading Contest Entries


Creativity- Bannack

At Bannack Ghost town I took a series of creative shots, using different techniques, styles, and angles. Abstract-peeling cardboard, fabric, and wood on a wall. Ghost image: slow shutter speed + moving subject + dark room + post edit to change color from orange to purple/blue Levitation: She actually levitated. (Original Images) Story Concept 1:… Continue reading Creativity- Bannack