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Free You

Introduction This advertisement can be found on Christopher Elston's Photography website. It features his photography and is part of a "Free You" ad campaign series by Pocono Mountains. Analysis 1: The Original Ad Design: This ad is simple, but well-designed. The contrast is the most prominent design feature: the dark blue text on the white… Continue reading Free You

Advertising, Reverse Engineer, Visual Media

My Turn

Typography This magazine spread demonstrates good use of typography. The title and "heading letters" (as outlined in dark blue) are all made of sans serif, bold, capital letters. As circled in the second "T" in the original title, the letters are without serifs. I also loved the use of colors in this spread, with the… Continue reading My Turn

Reverse Engineer, Visual Media

It’s a little bit…cheesy

Ladies and gentleman, today I present to you a stunning masterpiece of advertising: an ad for Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks®. The word choice is, I suppose, a little cheesy ;), but the design is effective and well-presented. The advertisement: Image taken from Sargento Cheese's Pinterest account: Copyright Sargento Foods Incoporated Advertising Sargento's Sweet Balanced Breaks® Product… Continue reading It’s a little bit…cheesy