The Fin(e Art)al Bannack Post

The final Bannack Post (at least for now) is my fine art photographs. This includes a variety of closeups, far-aways, and in-betweens, and several different subjects and angles. Enjoy!                  


Portrait Photography

One of the most interesting and fun things about the trip to Bannack was having models! People came to model for us dressed in legit Wild West gear, and we got to use different types of flashes and lights, and it was a whole lot of fun! Here are some highlights. ~Smoke~ Natural Light She… Continue reading Portrait Photography


Creativity- Bannack

At Bannack Ghost town I took a series of creative shots, using different techniques, styles, and angles. Abstract-peeling cardboard, fabric, and wood on a wall. Ghost image: slow shutter speed + moving subject + dark room + post edit to change color from orange to purple/blue Levitation: She actually levitated. (Original Images) Story Concept 1:… Continue reading Creativity- Bannack